Back to the future: a time for change

When Prime Minister the first time around, Kevin Rudd made a strong commitment to remote area Indigenous housing. Strangely, this went beyond increasing the money allocated by the previous Coalition government.

PM Rudd (Mk1) set up a Policy Commission on Remote Indigenous Housing. It was to oversee the roll out of $5.5bn nationally.

This Commission had a Mandate set out by the PM and after several Commission meetings the Mandate was revised.

The Mandate (revised in later 2009) is attached for your interest

HH thinks it went badly wrong when the PM was deposed, the Commission dissolved and the Mandate well and truly forgotten.

PM Rudd is back, and HH says why not bring back the Mandate and use it as a test for the current national program. The remaining $3bn still unspent may actually build some functioning houses to benefit Indigenous Australians.