A ‘new’ housing company scheme?

August 13th, 2013

The Federal Government have proposed an Aboriginal housing company scheme that aims ‘to close gap further’. Read on for HH comments on the scheme.

Quotes from “Housing company scheme aims to close gap further” By Andrew Thompson

“Housing advocacy body NT Shelter has applauded plans to establish a new Aboriginal housing company to oversee the building and maintenance of homes in remote Northern Territory communities.

The $116 million dollar Federal Government initiative will see the houses leased to staff working in communities, as well as providing job opportunities for local Aboriginal people. 
“The provision of housing to those most in need is, of course, an ongoing issue, but so is the provision of housing for people who actually work with those people and help those people to make the best out of their own communities.”

HH has great regard for Shelter (and particularly Shelter NT) so we will await developments.

Whilst we are waiting… 

Can this be the same government that has systematically tried to reduce Aboriginal Housing Organisations over the last 5 years?

Can this be the same government that has given state and territory housing departments increased control of Indigenous housing?

Or could this move give some credibility to the reports of poor of housing maintenance and management over the last few years by the NT Government Housing Department? Perhaps the task is too hard and needs to be handed on ?

More big money being sent to solve complex problems and close that (seemingly) ever widening gap…we will await developments.