Work commences, Sanitation Studio Nepal 2014

Thanks to Worldskills Foundation, IAPMO, the World Plumbing Council, RMIT and several generous donors to Healthabitat, a diverse group of visitors to the Village Sanitation Program has joined the local Nepali team starting work on many aspects of the program.

An orientation visit to the 3 villages involved in the program to date gave all the participants an idea of what work has been done and, most importantly, village life.



The plumbers have found the necessary materials to implement the tested design of last year’s studio for effective rainwater diverters.

Pluming Shop

20140114 110935 For Web

The student teams commence work on the Maintenance and Construction manuals

Student Team Work


Whilst all this is going on, the film maker is finalising the script, scouting the best locations and talking to villagers and team members keen to star in the movie.  The short film about the Sanitation Program is quickly gaining the enthusiastic support of the villagers and work teams.

Thanks also to program partners Rotary, CHDS Nepal and the participating Village committees.