Venice exhibit packed

June 10th, 2012

A few of the big panels are not shown, as too much lifting effort was being made to take a picture, but the many components of the exhibit were packed ready for shipping last Friday.

After months of co-ordinated work a big thanks to:

Heleana Genaus for graphics, printing, transport and packing etc 

Adriano Pupilli for the technology testing, tweaking and packing.

David Bartolo for the creative tech design help turning information into interactive displays… with more to come we hope 

Jeffery Broadfield and his great crew for making many parts of the exhibit with great skill and patience

John Shiel and ETM  for tech help

AND….. lots of editing and checking of loose architectural spelling and grammar by the more literate, non architect office crew and friends of HH.

 and all the AIA Biennale staff who would send urgent emails every second day to ensure we met the deadline. 

Hope the container gets to Venice safely for the August set up.