The Nepal Design Workshop 2015 – focussing the power of many

Nothing highlights the power of a multi-skilled group of local, national and international participants in a design project more than a week long Design Workshop in Nepal.

Imagine combining school students (primary and secondary), teaching staff, Nepali school committee, Nepal project manager and dental team leader, environmental engineer, international and local plumbers, 12 Australian design and architecture students, university lecturer and tutor. Add enthusiasm, energy and a common goal of improving the school living environment and health of the students and all is possible.

The tasks were many and varied –

  • Removing human waste safely – Design of new toilet and hand washing facilities and detail the works needed to upgrade the existing facilities at the Jalapadevi School. (All participants) 
  • Design of tooth brushing facilities at the School to meet the requirements of the new program to improve dental health. (Dental team and all participants) 
  • Ensure there is an adequate water supply and storage for dip flushing toilets, cleaning, hand washing and toothbrushing 
  • Design the wastewater treatment and disposal systems (IAPMO plumber and engineer with local plumber)
  • Assemble a kit of important principles learnt from the design of the real project to assist the Nepali team work on future school projects. (All participants with particular help from the design tutor) This kit maybe used by the IAPMO team planning future similar works in India.
  • Commence a series of dental health initiatives in the school – screenings, tooth brushing instruction, teacher training and treatment. The detailed design of a toothbrush store for the school tooth brushing program.(The dental health team & design students )
  • Write a design course for university study to integrate the activities of the Nepal Workshop into a formal structure. (University lecturer)