Setting up in Venice

August 24th, 2012

“From little things big things grow” as the song goes is a good description of how the task feels…..we are still at the small stage.

From data logger set up, power supply issues, heat and 5 other scrambling teams this work resembles a Housing for Health project in  the chaos and pressure to get the work done. 

From Little Things

The little people recording temperature every minute, have been enthusiastically adopted by two of our surround neighbour pavilions.

Little Man

And from London… a radio interview with Monocle (who also produce magazines) seemed to hit the right note. The interviewer was very interested in the history of the Indigenous work and the London workshop on Housing for Health as well as the Biennale.

Whilst waiting to be interviewed, HH noted a previous issue of the Monocle magazine based on the theme of flash points and fighting forces. We can think of no better analogy for the last year of work by Healthabitat in Australia…the cover tells it all.