SAFE in Bangladesh

July 17th, 2013

In the middle of the wet season is a good time to be talking about toilets, washing, wastewater and how to dispose of the wastewater safely.

A full review of the workshop and results will be posted here soon but in summary:

  • 32 participants including SAFE staff, local villagers, an engineer, film maker, singing team and architects from private practice and university sectors 
  • design development of 2 toilet and shower units and associated wastewater treatment systems 
  • mock up of key parts of the systems (full scale) including bamboo frames and jointing, septic tank construction – waterproofing and water pumping options from tube wells to supply the wash area and toilet
  • mock ups of the two final designs at full scale 
  • costing of all the components and labour to make the 2 units.

The designs are now being finalised for construction in September.

Septic Tank Animation Review  Copy Copy