Right on target…but which target?

Whilst reading this article, which sets out the great achievements National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing, consider the following:

  • how firm was the target of 4,800 house upgrades if this has already been reached (and exceeded) half way through the program?
  • what do the upgrades involve… a coat of paint, a new front door, a hot water system, a house re-wire or a new room?
  • who costed the program and how could the costs be so far out ?
  • if the were delays and cost blow outs early in the program… how has so  much time and money been recovered to achieve this grand result?
  • the +20% indigenous employment is great news … were these full time jobs, what work was done, are the people still employed and what numbers of people were involved nationally?

The more HH tests houses completed by the program the more we have trouble fitting the great progress described below with the test results.

Can we get some verification of these great results from the National Policy Commission for Indigenous Housing, an independent group appointed by Prime Minister Rudd and Minister Macklin in 2008 to oversee the program.

It good to have a target … but also very useful to know what the target is!!!

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Communal land reform must be addressed to boost Aboriginal home ownership

 // by Patricia Karvelas