Replacing the bad with the good – New toilets in Deipsloot

This July, the 2016 Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC) in South Africa aims to gain further solutions to improved water and sanitation amenities for residents of Diepsloot. HH & IAPMO together with the local organisations WASSUP and Sticky Situations set a plan in motion to pluck out 14 defunct toilets from within Deipsloot to be used in the challenge by teams around the world to retrofit and test live. 

The 14 toilets were not to be removed without being replaced by new and improved toilet cubicles, and hence months of planning, liaising and hard work was rolled out ahead of the challenge over seven full days in March which included:

  • fit-out of 14 precast toilet cubicles with water supply pipes, meters, toilet pans and cisterns as organised by the local teams
  • removal of 14 defunct cubicles across seven sites in Deipsloot for the CPC challenge in July
  • site preparation for new cubicles and reconnection to supply and waste water infrastructure
  • Water supply pipe prototype for use to demonstrate installation across all toilets

The toilet cubicles also include water collection points, clothes and hand washing. In those seven days on the ground, the improved new toilets have ensured 1288 residents now have access to improved sanitation amenities and have thus saved 56 000 litres/day of potable water previously leaking through the original amenities.

In addition, WASSUP have secured with local water supplier Joburg Water for the upgrade of 75 toilets in Diepsloot. HH congratulations the local dedicated team and Joburg Water for this partnership.

For the full pictorial report of this work click here to download.

Sa Report March 2016 Removal

Removing poor toilet cubicle from Diepsloot

Sa Report March 2016 New Toilet Interior

Inside the new and improved toilet cubicle with meter, and external hand and clothes washing point installed in place of the old.

Sa Report March 2016 Team

HH, WASSUP and IAPMO outside a completed and installed new toilet.

For more photos from the visit click on the image below:

Preparatory visit