Progress in Nepal

October 20th, 2012

The latest round of toilet construction is proceeding well as is the work by CHDS to instruct village members, particularly women’s groups, about the detail of how the toilet and waste systems work, hand washing and general hygiene issues.

The toilet construction provides a great opportunity to add on many health related activities in each village.

Bishnu Shrestha reports from the project in Nepal –

“This time, (the team) Gita, Jaya Mangal and I have taken a health and hygiene awareness class targeting 24 ladies from all 24 beneficiaries including the 3rd stage (those receiving new toilets). We have used power point slide show, hand washing video, and have shown the septic waste management animation to all the participants. All the participated ladies and other committee people have enjoyed the program. I have demonstrated about the hand washing technique and other participants also washed their hands. I have made some video clips also but is not attached as it is a big file.”

We look forward to seeing the video, the CHDS team and all the international Study Tour guests very soon.


21. Stage 3 Health And Hygine Aware 1