PAPER | Making sense of the chaos

November 25th, 2012

This paper by Philips is about using data to help in the design process and product outcome. Great to see another company using data to improve design for people.

The abstract: 

In this paper, we discuss the advent of Big Data, the opportunities it brings for both businesses and consumers, and how Philips Design is innovating with data to find new insights and bring value and meaning to people. Using our understanding of how our world is affected by contemporary, emerging, and future economic and social changes, we explore the ways in which data has the power and potential to transform the way we all live and work. As part of our journey, we reveal how Philips Design is beginning to co-create in new and exciting ways thanks to its data visualization group, through digital innovation consulting, and at workshops in which enthusiasts from all walks of life come together to identify and develop new value and meaning for people.

Download the full paper