On top of the world – new toilet roof in Nepal

September 4th, 2011

The next two village projects, Arobut and Dandagaun, in Nepal are under construction. To manage the cost increase of all materials and local skills since the first village program in Bhattedande, Healthabitat has developed a new design.

The roof of the toilet building has all the same design priorities as our first project in Bhattedande; to ventilate; protect the inside, walls and entry from water; and also catch water to store in rain water tanks. So, the roof design needs to do a lot. 

The new roof design incorporates more of the local village’s timber resources and skills. Local trades are doing a great job of prefabricating the roof on the ground and they were keen to demonstrate the easy assembly.

Click here to see the roof under construction in Nepal, photos taken by Paul Pholeros in Nepal 4th Sept 2011