NEW!! Test your own shower

July 15th, 2012

Why do only 35% of houses tested around Australia have a working shower? For many years Healthabitat has been told the tests are too tough and that’s why the showers fail. 

Well we have now put the 7 tests for a working shower up on this website so that you can test your own shower and judge for yourself. We require all 7 parts of the shower described in the test to work for the shower to be assessed as OK…is this fair?  

Imagine a shower in winter with no hot water, would you use it or would your children use? How do you get the hot water out of the pipe if the tap doesn’t work? Would you stand in cold, dirty shower water if the drain did not work?

These are all standard, repeatable tests used by Housing for Health projects on houses in Australia and overseas.

When you test your shower and submit your test results to HH you will see the impact that each part of the shower has on function and health.

Have a go, submit your results to HH and good luck!