More thanks … to the makers of the exhibition in Venice

August 26th, 2012

HH thanks many, many people for their effort skill and patience…

In the home paddock ….. Adriano Pupilli, Heleana Genaus for ongoing and consistent effort

David Bartolo for inspirational use of technology to make the HH messages clear

For ongoing editing, ideas and shaping of the overall message Karin Richards, Justine Hill, Sandra Meihubers, Steph Rainow and Dr Paul Torzillo

Professor Paolo Tombesi for translation of the HH words and ideas into Italian

Near home… Jeffery Broadfield and his brilliant crafting team, ETM data logging, John Shiel for technology support, Foreshore Engineering, Jude Torzillo for the logo animation

In Venice …  Adriano Pupilli, Greg Norman  +  Gavin Chow, Ebony James Chow, Hugo and Heidi, Jana,  Roberto for help hgaining access to Venice public housind, Mateo the sparky  and Diego the co-ordinator.

The directors and staff of the Czech &Slovak and French pavilions for graciously hosting two little Australian people in their pavilions.

The Creative Directors – Gerard and Anthony – for giving HH latitude, the other 5 teams in the Biennale pavilion for giving HH attitude (joke) …..and the AIA – Sophie –  for on the ground support.

Img 0095 The interactive display links sensors in and around the pavilion to display live environmental data, temperature, water use, power use and people entering THEN links this to how this type of information is used in work around Australia and overseas.

Img 0106 The glass panels (by TOKO design) outlining the structure or formation of Healthabitat

Img 0101 The principles and results of 27 years of Healthabitat work (far left), the 3.6m long ‘board game’ when visitors can use magnets to link four common health problems to the poor environments that may be the cause and then to the design solutions – postcards that ‘solve’ the puzzle are on the counter top for guests to take away as souvenirs. The little Oz person (right) is capturing internal room temperature and also advertising the Archi Global Challenge where teams will compete to keep a little person cool.

Thanks Etched into the counter top is a  more sober reminder that this exhibition is not a proposal for the future, not a concept nor a grand plan. The core work of Healthabitat, that gives substance to this exhibition, is the work of the teams who have been improving houses for 27 years. For 25 years Healthabitat stayed ‘under the radar’ of publicity and simply got on with the work of fixing houses and seeing health improve.

Then the big money housing program ($5.5bn) by the Australian Government started to roll out nationally and Indigenous housing quality declined to the lowest point in 30 years. Government disinterest in Housing for Health work became more galvanised when projects began to document the poor housing standards. This in turn led to the national Housing for Health program being stopped in mid 2011, Healthabitat decided then to take the work public, withdraw the provision of any services to the Federal Government and increase the overseas work using our always limited resources.