Meat the new tool kit

January 18th, 2013

Imagine our surprise when a long time friend of HH, very experienced in the Housing for Health work … sent through a new concept for a tool kit.

We think this tool kit would suit Canberra where meatings always involve steak-holders, and where the Building Better Quarters (BBQ) program has achieving such great results building new houses for Indigenous people. These houses have been churned out like sausages and the program is ahead of schedule. A prime example of lean good governance.

Never has the Federal Government needed such a toolkit more to show Australians how to carve up the coat of arms and put the kangaroo and emu onto the national plate.

Beefing up the state budgets has not been the pork barrel exercise it was thought to be and any ribbing by HH about poor housing quality has been in the spirit of fun and to those taking it seriously we say baloney

With this tool kit you are really cooking, and after the last few years of the GFC (Global Fish Crisis) we think it is more useful than ever.

The Meat Lovers Toolkit