Into the toilet with Bill Gates

August 15th, 2012

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation says 2.6 billion people still don’t have a safe “affordable way to poop”.

Speaking to Times of India newspaper on Thursday, Gates said the best toilet right now is the flush toilet and everything else is vastly inferior. “One of my ultimate dreams now is to reinvent the toilet – find a cheaper alternative to the flush toilet that does not require running water, has smell characteristics better than the flush toilet and is cheap.”

HH says good on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation… any toilet talk is good. Thinking not just about the toilet we see but also the safe removal and treatment of human waste and hand washing is also essential to gain health benefits. 

This all sounds like Healthy Living Practice # 3 to us ” Removing waste water safely”

And while we’re at it ….how about using human and animal waste as cooking fuel and involving local people in the design, construction and ongoing management and maintenance of the whole waste system….. now that sounds like the Nepal sanitation project !!!

D04 1 

The reason to build toilets and remove waste safely …the health of people


In Nepal, picking the right system for the right place 

Nepal Building Works 

Nepal construction team, local community people involved in all stages of the works