In a small community near the centre of Australia

May 3rd, 2011

So imagine you live in a small Aboriginal community and the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing program (also known at SIHIP in the NT) comes to town to improve your houses.

They knock on the door … what do you do? Well after $6million+ was spent, the project supposedly completed and the local community wondering exactly what was done to the houses the answer might be to shut your doors quickly. For the past six months the community has been politely asking the simple question “what was done with that money in our community?” Still this group of Aboriginal people is none the wiser.

The previous story in HH’s May news ‘Broken promises
’ and the fact that ABC TV aired the same questions that were being asked by the community has at least opened discussions with those responsible. Where to now, how was the money spent and most importantly when will the houses actually function? Healthabitat will have more detailed information on this in the future……keep checking the website news.