Immediate action in Nepal – emergency kitchen shelters

A high priority before the wet season commences, kitchen shelters are being constructed nearby to family emergency living shelters.

The local village construction team that worked on the Sanitation program and toilet building are heading up works and working with families to make these temporary, lean to shelters to provide a safe ventilated place to cook that separates the cooking fire and the family living area.

The shelters are also providing much needed shade. For more details about the thinking behind these shelters and why they are a village priority CLICK HERE 

The corrugated iron sheeting and construction team labour is being supplied with donated funds. The supporting timber/bamboo for the structure, the wire and site clearing are being provided by each family with all works supervised by the construction team to ensure safety.

Img 2965

Local Nepali construction team workers sign up to help village families with the construction of the kitchen shelters. Skills gained in the Sanitation program have proved invaluable when working on the emergency shelter construction.

Img 2925

The construction team works with village families to start work on a new shelter

Img 2916

Kitchen work continues in the newly completed kitchen shelter. Note that the sheets of iron are held down by additional timbers that are wired to the structure below. This will allow the reuse of the material in the construction of permanent houses.

Img 2946

The kids come ‘home’ to the nearly completed kitchen shelter …in the background are the emergency family living shelters