Giving a hand to Uganda

December 10th, 2012

The LCLC is a not-for-profit community based organisation, that aims to foster community knowledge and competencies to adapt, thrive and actively engage in a rapidly changing world. 

The LCLC was co-founded by Ugandan, Dennis Obel and Australian, Anna Trembath in conjunction with the Ligingi community. Dennis, a highly-experienced international development professional, is ancestrally of Ligingi village. 

Some of his immediate family members still live in Ligingi, and he calls all the people of Ligingi his kin and Ligingi his true home. Anna is an experienced researcher with particular expertise in gender and development, an international development practitioner and a writer. Dennis and Anna travel regularly to Ligingi and will be the primary conduits for communication between the architect/s engaged for this project and the Ligingi community.

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