Australian ambassador to Nepal visits the sanitation project

April 14th, 2012

Greeted by the CHDS, the village construction team and the Bhattedande villagers Ms Grace embarked on some ‘toilet trekking’ around the village.

Briefing The Ambassador

Toilet Trecking

Inspecting toilets, septic tank systems and the biogas installations the ambassador was briefed constantly by members of CHDS, the local construction team and, perhaps most importantly, some of the families that are now using the systems.

Family Greeting

In Bishnu Shrestha’s (CHDS) own words recounting the visit   “We welcome her at the top. The ladies from (CHDS) office, the little girls from village, Surya, Asish (construction team)  and others gave her flowers and Khada’s. I received her enthusiastic questions on the program, from how we selected Bhattedanda village on wards, the program is very good but how can we do all over Nepal?! I have tried to answer her to the point and hope have made her satisfied.

Chds Explain

“…but how can we do all over Nepal?” Good question ambassador and not sure we have a good one line answer.

HH and CHDS have made a modest start and, with the support of Rotary, the people of each participating village and generous donors, we will continue to make high quality, long lasting toilet systems that dispose of waste safely – not simply try and build as many cheap toilets as quickly as possible.

HH and CHDS sincerely thank the ambassador for her time in Kathmandu recently when we were able to outline the sanitation program. This follow up visit, to one of the completed projects, and the enthusiasm shown by her throughout the visit was a great sign of support to the village, CHDS and Australian supporters of the program.