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UPDATES from Nepal

As we receive information from the local team in Nepal, we will continue to update information about the condition of the villages that have had Village Health Improvement programs completed and advise on the plan ahead in rebuilding earthquake proof homes and sanitation. HH and Teeth & Toilets are continuing to raise funds through project partners RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service) who are putting great efforts into immediate and longer term assistance.

The thoughts of all the 'HH family' in Australia and Internationally are with the Nepali people following the recent earthquake and will do what we can to help in Nepal. 

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Raising funds for Nepal

Our thoughts and prayers are with our Nepali friends and colleagues during this time of awful disaster in Nepal. We have not lost anyone we know. In the new project site of Bahuneapati most villagers have lost their houses with some loss of life.

With the help of project partners RAWCS, we have almost reached our goal of raising AUD100, 000 through the Nepal Rotary Village Development Project, to help the villagers in their recovery. Funds can be donated online  here  and are tax deductible.

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Projects updates

Healthabitat, in collaboration with a broad range of partner groups, is improving living environments and health using the Healthy Living Practices in several developing and developed countries. To stay informed about where we are working, with whom and how the projects are progressing visit our Healthy Living Projects page.

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