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The 'luxury' of a wash

Why did only 35% of houses nationally used by Indigenous people have a shower that functioned when tested? Is the Housing for Health test too tough? Now you have a chance to test and assess the function of your own shower. See how your shower compares with the showers tested in over 7,800 houses around Australia.  Take the challenge here. 

Working showers are also on Amnesty International Australia's agenda at the moment FIND OUT WHY?

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The Guide online

Healthabitat has produced The Guide as a free, interactive, online publication to improve health by ensuring the better design, construction and maintenance of housing and the living environment. Click here to learn more about Housing for Health the guide, use it in your daily practise, help us expand it and tell us what you think. 

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Projects updates

Healthabitat, in collaboration with a broad range of groups, is helping to improve Sanitation and any other Healthy Living Practice we can in several developing and developed countries. To stay informed about where we are working, with who and how the projects are progressing visit our Healthy Living Projects page.